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Occupational Health Services LLC Patient Testimonials

“I wasn’t getting any satisfaction from my sciatic nerve problem. I had DTS, therapy from Dr. Greene and it improved my back situation rapidly. I receive therapy twice a week now to stay feeling my best.” Tom Abrigo

IMG1444.JPG “As a Garden City High School athlete I’ve found chiropractic care essential to my success in sports. I depend on Dr. Greene for various treatments such as; weekly adjustments, muscle stim and annual physicals to keep me going through the sports seasons.”  Mitch Moore


“Our family started using supplement prescribed by Dr. Greene and sold at the Chiropractic Center over 4 years ago. Dr. Greene was the only one of many doctors our family pursued that actually listened, and correctly diagnosed what our family suffered from for so long.  Dr. Greene researched the symptoms, complaints, and illnesses that our family experienced when all of the other recommendations, medications, and diagnosis's failed.   We learned from Dr. Greene that our two sons have a significant allergies to peanuts, wheat, gluten, barley, oat, rye, malt, soy, and corn.  Dr. Greene recommended a strict dietary regiment of supplements that our family needed to stay healthy.  I don’t worry about the supplements I purchase from Dr. Greene because, they don’t include any of the unnecessary preservatives used in many foods and other supplements. Since we began taking the prescribed supplements, we pay a little more; but it truly beats the past of constant doctor visits. Due to Dr. Greene's persistence and care we are all healthy, thriving, and happy.  Thank you Dr. Greene and his awesome staff!”

– Becky Patterson