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Sports Physicals & Injuries

Student Athletic Physicals

Student athletic physical examinations are required by KSHAA for all students participating in athletics from grades 7 -12th.  This exam can be done as early as May 1st for the upcoming school year. 

KSHSAA 2020 Student Athletic Physical Form

The summer of 2013 Dr. Greene along with five other local doctors donated their time to provide student althletic physicals at GCHS for a reduced fee for students.  The reduced fee was then donated back to the school districts athletic department.  Dr. Greene hopes that this service will become a tradition.   Preparing student athletes for the upcoming school year while benefiting USD 457 athletics.

Sports Injuries


What can Chiropractic care do for sports injury?

Most often an injury that occurred during a competitive sport will involve a joint.  Chiropractic focuses on the treatment and function of joints.  I have found that manipulating injured joints will speed the healing of an injury.

Most health professions focus on the muscles and ligaments related to the injury.  It has been my experience that stretching and rehabilitating the muscles will often make no progress if the joint is not treated as well.  You can stretch a muscle all day, trying to make it better, but if the joint is not properly working more than likely stretching will continue to aggravate the injury.

I you have a sports injury to a joint, be it spine or extremity I will treat the joint and muscles together.  Treating the joint and muscle as a functioning unit presents better outcomes for healing and recovery.