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Spinal & Extremity Adjusting

Spinal Adjusting


The chiropractic adjustment is the key or cornerstone of our office.  The adjustment is the procedure that aligns the spine and allows it to function properly.  Proper function of the spine takes pressure off the nervous system.  When the spinal joints and the nerves are working properly there is less dysfunction.  Dysfunction causes pain and if not treated leads to diseases of the spine.  The majority of adjustments at our office are given with hands on technique.  Instrument adjusting is used for special circumstance and applications.

"The nervous system holds the key to the bodies incredible potential to heal itself" - Sir Jay Holder

Extremity Adjusting


Adjustments of the extremities are just as important as the spine.  Minor misalignment's in an elbow or ankle, for example, can cause pain too.  When an extremity joint is not functioning properly it too can be adjusted.  Once the joint is adjusted it can return to its normal function which allows it move properly again and relieve the area of pain and discomfort.